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Welcome, and thanks for visiting my site.  For the past decade I've been  owner of The Shelf Layouts Company, a  full time custom  layout building and layout design company.   I cater to those who demand the highest level of finish, craftsmanship, and realism  in their model railroads.    Although I handle a variety of projects, much of my work centers around helping those that are trying to faithfully model a specific prototype.     I make my techniques and ideas available to the model railroading community by  publishing as many of them as possible.

For a listing of articles featuring my modeling work, click here.


I Offer:

  • A systematic, start to finish, process designed to give you the lifetime model railroad layout of your dreams

  • Superb Craftsmanship

  • Inspiring, highly realistic, scenery

  • Rugged and reliable track, mechanical, and electrical systems

  • Prototype or Freelance Layouts. Basement empires to switching layouts.

  • Experienced layout design capability with ongoing consulting support when you build your layout.


In the end, my goal is to provide a product that exceeds your expectations and provides years of future enjoyment.  Give me a call and let's talk.

Lance Mindheim




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