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Model Railroad Track Plan Books and Model Railroad 'How To' Books

Customer Request:  Please do not order the books from me directly.  Order from: Amazon.com  or the following dealers:  A-line   ModelTrainStuff.com    Mainline Hobby Supply   My UK  customers can purchase the titles locally from Simon Casten's shop.   Canadian customers are served by Credit Valley.


"How To Operate A Modern Era Switching Layout".  The title says it all.  Everything you need to know to operate a modern switching layout. How to set up an operating session. Car movement strategies. Job strategies. Prototypical paperwork. Prototype rules and procedures and more! Bonus track plan and operations example included.  For a sneak peek, look inside, click HERE.

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  "How To Build A Switching Layout".  A screw by screw, step by step, no holds barred guide to building the most versatile of all model railroads, the small switching layout. Part 1 of the book takes you step by step through all of the mechanical aspects of building a layout from bench work , track laying, and wiring all of the way through to lighting.  Part 2 covers scenery, backdrop strategies, structures and details.   Throughout the book a strong emphasis is placed on pointing out those techniques that create the most visual impact. For a sneak peek, look inside click, HERE.

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Now Available!  "How To Design A Small Switching Layout".   A step by step guide to designing the most versatile of all model railroad  types. Learn how to: set priorities, pick the best bench work shape, design secondary track, set scenery zones, choose the best industries, and more!  Two bonus track plans included.   The model railroad design concepts can be applied to layouts of all sizes.

Reviewed in the Railbooks column in the August 2010 issue of Railroad Model Craftsman.

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 "8 Realistic Track Plans for Small Switching Layouts".  As the title states, this book lays out eight realistic, simple to build, fun to operate switching layouts that easily fit into a spare room.  Themes include several port layouts, a modern industrial layout, and more! 

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 "8 Realistic Track Plans For a Spare Room", explores themes such as a Milwaukee Road branch line, Maine shortline,  Appalachian coal branch,  the fictional Tulsa Belt (shown on the cover) and more.  In my previous switching layout book I limited the plans to those that followed the walls.  In this version I use the same room template (11ft. by 12ft. room) but allow the bench work to utilize the entire room via a center peninsula. 

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"Stucco and Pastels" is a photo documentary of the scenes and structures surrounding the prototype Downtown Spur in Miami.


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