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Services: I produce custom built model railroads.  In addition, I do layout design.  Each is available as a stand alone service.

Scales: I work in all popular scales, Z through indoor G.  I don't do three rail or garden railroads.

Levels of finish:  I can build to any level of completion a customer wants.  Common options are: mechanically complete layouts with no scenery or structures, partially complete layouts with no structures, and finally, fully complete layouts with scenery and structures.

Cost:  Cost varies with the size of the project, complexity, and level of finish.  Regardless, custom built layouts require a significant  financial commitment because of the labor hours involved. Costs generally start in the $20,000 range for something small and basic and can run well into six figures for larger, more elaborate, projects.    Within the ranges above, I can usually custom tailor a project scope to meet a person's budget.

Payments:  Payments for layout construction projects are similar to that of a home builder.  The project starts with a signed contract and initial down payment of 20% to 35%.  After that, progress payments are made at previously agreed to milestones as construction progresses.

Design Cost:  Designs for an average half basement or spare bedroom generally are in the $1,200 to $1,500 range and must be pre-paid before work starts.   I do 'design only' work meaning that you do not have to be a construction customer in order for me to prepare a design for you.

Delivery:  Projects are transported to the customer location using specialty moving companies that cater to the museum market.  I meet the mover at your location and set the layout up.  Smaller projects are picked up by the customer at my shop in Maryland.  Layouts are too fragile to be shipped.

Construction Time:  This varies with the size of the project.   A typical range would be six weeks for a small un-sceniced layout, five months for a fully sceniced  bedroom layout, and about a year for a fully sceniced, mid-sized basement layout.







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