NC&St.L. (N scale, 20’x 20’)

The NC&St.L layout is an exact, turnout by turnout, representation of the prototype trackage between Cowan and Tantallon, Tennessee as it existed in the 1940’s.  Also included is the Tracy City branch, nicknamed “The Mountain Goat”, between Cowan and Tracy City.  Operations center on the fascinating pusher operations required to get trains up and over the 1.8 per cent grade up Cumberland Mountain.

The layout was built to fine scale standards using Micro Engineering code 55 track on the main and Micro Engineering code 40 rail on the secondary track.  Mainline turnouts feature Tam Valley “Frog Juicers” for enhanced reliability.  The distinctive portals at Cowan were scratch built using a sophisticated technique involving importing photos of the actual portals into CAD and then having them engraved, stone by stone, in styrene. The customer wanted a mechanically complete layout with some scenery.  I fully sceniced the Cumberland Mountain scene on the center peninsula and also painted and ballasted the track (the balance of the layout was left unfinished for him to complete).