Northeast Corridor (HO scale, 10’ x 40’)

The Northeast Corridor project was one of pulling out all of the stops in terms of detail levels, overall level of finish, prototypical accuracy, and state of the art modeling techniques.  Layout limits span from the Delaware River crossing near Trenton to the Hudson River crossing into Manhattan.  Five distinct areas were highlighted: Trenton, with its signature bridge emblazed with the “Trenton Makes, the World Takes” logo (which was modeled to be a fully functional lit sign, New Brunswick, Metropark, Newark (including a scratchbuilt model of the Passaic River dock bridge), and The Meadowlands. Catenary towers were hand built out of brass as were the fully operational signal bridges.  The concrete ties were hand painted and weathered. Each structure was scratch built.  The portal of the Hudson River crossing is an exact, mortar line by mortar line, match of the prototype using proprietary modeling techniques.