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Welcome and thanks for visiting my site.  For the past fifteen years I’ve been owner of The Shelf Layouts Company, a full time custom model railroad building and design company.  My prior life was that of a civil engineer in the heavy construction industry where my focus was on scheduling, production, and logistics.

As a custom layout builder, I cater to those who demand the highest levels of finish, craftsmanship, and realism in their model railroads.  Although I am happy to take on all themes from the generic to the ultra detailed, much of my work centers around helping those that are trying to faithfully model a specific prototype.  In addition to having model railroads that operate with bullet proof reliability and are works of art, I also understand how important it is to my customers that the process be free of surprises, finish on schedule, and on budget.

I’ve shared many of my ideas and techniques with the model railroading community over the years by way of articles and videos featured in all of the major hobby magazines.   Whether you are in the idea gathering stage or “ready to launch” feel free to give me a call.


I offer:

  • A systematic, start to finish, process designed to give you the lifetime model railroad layout of your dreams.

  • Superb craftsmanship

  • Inspiring, highly realistic scenery

  • Rugged, bulletproof, and reliable track, electrical and mechanical systems

  • Prototype or freelance themes

  • Switching layouts to basement empires

  • Experienced layout design capability with ongoing consulting support when you build your layout.


- Lance Mindheim

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