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Model Railroad Design Service

Model Railroad Design Service

Now available, my latest book, "How to Design a Model Railroad Layout"  (Kalmbach Publishing)

Model Railroad Design Service

Capture Your Vision

I start with interviews to help me fully understand what your vision for the layout is.


I take a collaborative approach to the design process, getting your feedback every step of the way.

A Detailed Finished Package

In addition to a detailed track plan, a design package also includes, detailed construction notes, tips, dimensional specs., and a track material list.

A successful model railroad design isn’t about lines on paper, curve radius, grades, or the number of tracks in a staging yard.  It’s one that results in a layout that actually gets built and provides the degree of satisfaction you had hoped for.

~ Lance Mindheim

Need help developing a design?  Give me a shout!

Tel: 301-404-8164 EST


As your model railroad designer, I’ll work with you to come up with a plan that is not only inspiring but also straightforward to build.


Completed design packages include:

  • AN 11″ X 17″ COLOR RENDERING (Drawn in CAD)




Model Railroad Track Plan Gallery


The cost of preparing a design is driven by how long I expect it will take me to complete.  This isn’t always directly related to layout size.  Costs typically fall in the $1,600 to $2,000 ballpark.  The minimum fee is $1,000.  N scale, multi-deck, and sectional track projects (Kato, Marklin, etc.) cost more.  The design fee must be pre-paid before work starts.

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