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A New Podcast

I was honored to be a recent guest on my buddy Ray Arnot's Around the Layout Podcast. You can listen to it HERE.

For a full listing of all of Ray's podcasts, visit his homepage HERE.

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Dalton Walton
Dalton Walton
Dec 31, 2023

Loved hearing you on the podcast. Your the guy that says "ok calm down and get it together and lets get real about these huge layouts that will never get finished." Check out this propane facility posted by Matty Gunn getting switched with mostly drone footage near Buffalo. Or look up "Ex-D&H Alco Works a propane supplier".

Patrick Underwood
Patrick Underwood
Jan 02
Replying to

Nice! So that’s what a flying switch looks like. Amazing. And that big old pile of [grout] is going on my layout!

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