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Easier Curved Fascias

When it comes time to actually build their layouts, one of the most frequent questions I get from my clients is, how do I create curved fascias? Good question. Fortunately, there is a dedicated product that provides an easy solution, bendable MDF. This is available from woodworking suppliers such as Rockler at a reasonable cost. The product comes in 2-foot by 4-foot sheets making shipping a non-issue. I find I get the cleanest results if I create curved formers out of plywood and screw these to the bench work first. Doing so provides a foundation of stability to guard against warping and makes for an easy base to hammer your finishing nails into. Create your formers by drawing the shape of your fascia curve on a sheet of plywood cookie cutter style. (I generally double deck the formers, spacing them six to eight inches apart.) Screw the formers in place on the bench work frame. Clamp your bendable MDF to the formers. Predrill the holes for your finishing nails and then tap them in. All done!

Shown above is the catalog page from my bendable MDF source, Rockler Woodworking.

Here’s the link:

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